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Why shanghai is a suitable place for CDS

Located in the east coast of China, Shanghai is a modern metropolis, iconic and vibrant symbol of China's policy of opening-up and economic might. The city is the commercial and financial center of mainland China, and ranked No.1 in 2016 among Chinese cities. As the world's busiest container port, Shanghai also holds an important place in logistics and transportation.

Shanghai is one of the most populous cities in the world, with a population of more than 24 million as of 2014. It ranked 16th place on the 2016 Global Financial Centres Index.

The area within 2-hour-flight radius from Shanghai covers 90% of the population of China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Korea and part of Japan also lie within this radius.

Within 1-hour high speed train ride, we can reach the wealthiest parts of China in the Yangtze Delta, which is also a key hub for the dental industry.

To Suzhou: 25 mins by High Speed Rail

To Hangzhou: 60 mins by High Speed Rail


  • Just 1.5km away from HongQiao Transportation Hub, NECC is linked to HongQiao Airport and HongQiao Railway Station via the city’s Metro Line 2.It takes only one or two hours via high-speed rail to reach the major cities in Yangtze River Delta,and two or three hours via plane to every major city with a sizable economy in the Asia-Pacific region. Served as the starting point of the Metro Line 2, NECC will have direct underground stations for Metro Line 17(under construction) and Line 23 (planned) in the near future.


NECC is only 1.5km away from the HongQiao airport and 60km away from the PuDong airport. Both of them can be reached by the Metro Line 2.


NECC is only 1.5km away from the HongQiao Railway Station and it can be reached by the Metro Line 2.

NECC is 25km away from the ShangHai Railway and 23km away from ShangHai South Railway Station. People can take Line 1 to the People’s Square Subway Station and then transfer to Line 2 to get to NECC


NECC is accessible by three Metro Lines: Line 2(Xujingdong), Line 17(under construction) and Line 23(planned). Line 2 goes through the entire ShangHai from east to west, connecting two airports and a railway station, and it possesses a station inside the central plaza of NECC.


Bus No.865: Go to 3 Subway Station of ShangHai Zoo, Caohejing Development Zone, and Jinjiang Amusement Park.

Bus No.706: Go to Jiuting Subway Station.

Bus No.776: Go to Ziteng Rd Subway Station,Zhongshan Park Subway Station.


1.From downtown Shanghai direction

  • 1)Elevated Road Line

    From Yan’an Elevated Rd and the South of the Outer Ring: Jiamin Elevated Rd—jianhong Elevated Rd—East Yinggang Rd—the designated areas of NECC.

  • 2)Ground Line

    From Beidi Rd/West Tianshan Rd/West xianxia Rd: Shenchang Rd/Huaxiang Rd –Songze Avenue—Zhuguang Rd—the designated areas of NECC.

    From Yan’an Rd: West Yan’an Rd—Huqingping Highway—Zhuguang Rd—the designated areas of NECC.

2.From Yangtze River Delta direction:

The passenger flow from Hangzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou can respectively come together from expressway G60, G2 and so on, to G15 Shenhai expressway –Songze Ave. off-ramp-Songze Ave—the designated areas of NECC, or Songze AVE—Zhuguang Rd—East Yinggang Rd—the designated areas of NECC.