“China Has Offers Matching All Budgets”

In an exclusive interview with Prof. Wang Xing, President of China Stomatological Association (CSA), he tells us why China Dental Show (CDS) 2015 is the only place that brings together latest technology offerings and key knowledge exchange programs, all under one roof.

1) CSA has been collaborating with the China Dental Show (CDS) since many years now. How has this collaboration been mutually beneficial?

This collaboration is much more than mutually beneficial. CSA has an in-depth understanding of the domestic stomatological industry with a vision to cultivate the entire Chinese market in terms of training, education and also keeping all stakeholders informed by sharing latest news updates and technology from across the world. We have collaborated with many organizations and we realized that Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) has similar goals, thanks to their vast experience of over 30 years in the health sector. Moreover, RSE is well-known among the trade community around the world because of its parent company Reed Exhibitions and its publications.

2) What are your expectations from CDS 2015 in terms of product portfolio and quality of technology?

The expectations are high from the industry who are now used to the latest technology, innovative products and high-profile conferences at the China Dental Show. As an industry leader today, CDS 2015 is playing an important role by offering a comprehensive program for local dentists to upgrade their knowledge on the latest products, policies and dental technology. Today, our members who are primarily dentists are extremely busy attending to ever-evolving patient needs. With a ratio of 1 dentist for every 8,000 patients, there is no way a dentist can make adequate time for skill building and professional networking. Hence, CDS 2015 has come to become an Annual Meeting where over 20,000 members can socialize within 4 days.

3) What is the idea behind this year’s theme Digital Dentistry? What can visitors expect on this topic from the high-profile seminars and conferences organized by CSA?

Digital technology has made a huge presence in today’s lifestyle. Hence, it is no surprise that Digital Dentistry is the logical evolution of the stomatological industry also. The challenge before us is to keep pace with these rapid changes in dental technology. Innovations are emerging from China and overseas almost every month, owing to the latest technology registration policies. We are delighted to see that our selected theme has been received very well, evinced by the quick registrations for more than 400 technical sessions at CDS 2015.

We always choose out themes carefully, forecasting industry trends over a 3-year period. This ensures that all our members are well-informed and educated on a given subject before proceeding to the next one. From knowledge-sharing lectures to practical training workshops, our educative programs at CDS 2015 are comprehensive and in-depth. With more than 3 months to go, we have already planned the educative conferences with high profile speakers from over 20 countries.

4) What makes CDS different from other dental trade shows in the world? How does it reflect on the Chinese dental industry?

CDS is unique for these three reasons:

1) It reflects our association’s principle that education and information exchange comes before business. China is a huge market with varying demands, needs and budgets. Hence, our members need to be well updated and trained before they select the right products. Thus, every three years we select a new theme developed by the CSA Committee Board.

2) CDS 2015 plays host to the CSA Annual Meeting which is a must-attend event for all our members. It is the only opportunity for members from across China to meet socially and professionally.

3) The new venue at National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai in more user-friendly with buyers and exhibitors meeting on the same level without spending much time travelling across the fairgrounds. Hence, CDS 2015 is sure to be an invigorating experience for all visitors and participants.

5) Why do you think China is the best place to source for dental technology?

China is definitely the right place to source for all business needs as we have offers for all budgets. Nowadays, we are receiving feedback from international buyers that Chinese products have improved in terms of quality and technology. But we still maintain our competitive pricing advantage. I think China has tremendous potential as a business and investment destination for those foreign brands that have a larger entrepreneurial vision in Asia.


1/ The Chinese Stomatological Association (http://www.cndent.com/site/html/English/)

The Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA) is a national academic voluntary non-profit organization of scientific and clinical practitioners in stomatology, as well as enterprises and institutions and social organizations relevant to stomatology. Together they are the link and bridge between the government and the scientific and clinical community of stomatology, and are also the social force developing the Stomatological science for China.

The CSA is the only first-grade national Stomatological academic society registered at the Department of Civil Affairs, which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. CSA is dedicated to the dental industry in China, running 21 sub-societies and 3 sub-committees, which cover all the dental-related specialties. Over 1,000 leading dentists from all over the world are serving as board members and councilors of these committees and they represent the highest level in academic research and technical skills. The Association was founded on 07 November 1996, formerly known as the Oral Science Society of Chinese Medical Association, which was established in 1951.

2/ Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (http://en.reed-sinopharm.com/ )

Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) is China’s leading pharmaceutical healthcare exhibition and conference organizer, committed to fostering world-class business events platforms that attract and work with the best pharmaceutical and healthcare enterprises in the industry. With strong roots in both pharmaceutical/healthcare and events management, our vision is to help align industry with favorable government policies and global trends that promise a 'golden age' for China's industry over the coming decades.

Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions is a joint venture between the Chinese market’s largest pharmaceutical and healthcare industry group – Sinopharm Group, and world leading event organizer – Reed Exhibitions.

A perfect combined expertise, like two best grafted saplings that create a unique and fruitful tree and make the strongest and most resilient partner for businesses with a vision to achieve world-leading status.

3/ Sinopharm Group (http://sinopharm.todayir.com/html/index.php)

Established in 1998, Sinopharm Group is now the largest pharmaceutical state owned organisation in China. The group covers the entire vertical pharmaceutical industry from R & D to the distribution throughout China and its 10 operational subsidiaries in 4 continents. With proven growth track record between 2003 and 2012, Sinopharm Group is the first enterprise of its kind to enter the world’s top 500 Chinese pharmaceutical companies, and is ranked 10th in the list of global pharmaceutical companies.

4/ Reed Exhibitions (http://www.reedexpo.com/)

Reed Exhibitions is the world’s leading event organiser with 500 events in 40 countries and an unrivalled network of offices and international sales promoters at its disposal. Reed Exhibitions’ portfolio of exhibition and conferences serves 43 industry sectors across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. In 2013, six million participants attended Reed Exhibitions’ events globally.

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